Litchfield NP area.

Tuesday 19th July 2011, Rum Jungle. (Litchfield NP)

We are on the road again. We are presently out of mobile coverage, well more on the very edge of having coverage, so if you need to contact us either Linda’s message bank, or email will get us. I have internet because of the external aerial I have on the van for that purpose.

We have travelled about 85K toward Litchfield National Park, south of Darwin, and are staying at a caravan park at a town called Rum Jungle, about 10K west of Batchelor, on the road to Litchfield. (See Map) We intend being here, in the area, for a week to have a good look around Litchfield, but have only booked in here for 4 days as yet. We have heard about a good camp ground in Litchfield at Wangi falls and we intend having a look at it before we decide whether we will camp there for a few days. We are unsure about the road in to the NP as it is reported to be a little windy, and we are unsure of how we will get enough solar power if there are too many trees, so a check will reveal all.