Darwin, Last week or so.

Monday 11th July 2011, Darwin.

Loneliness will be over tomorrow when Linda returns, a 6:00AM arrival will test my ability to get myself out of bed early.

I have had a couple of people comment on how there have not been many reports listed lately, but when one is not doing much of anything there is nothing to report. When I say I am not doing much I mean I have been able to find enough to keep me busy, but it is more the private sort of stuff, repairs around the van and others vans, etc. that does not qualify for a report. I have this thing that if it is private why publicise it for the world to see when I prefer not to, hence my not wanting to access things like Facebook. The prime reason for having our web site is for people to be able to find out where we are, and where we have been at any time, and I think that is working rather well so why change anything.

Anyway Linda will be back tomorrow and we can then sit down and decide on where and when we are going to head off to from here to get back on the road again, there will be plenty of reports then, and I suspect that will be about a week or so from tomorrow, depending on how long Linda wants to be here after her return. My tentative plans are to go to Litchfield NP from here for several days and have a good look around, and then return to Darwin for a final stock-up before we head to Kakadu with the intentions of having several weeks there to see as much as we possibly can. I reckon the reason many people leave Kakadu with negative feelings is that they don’t spend enough time to get to see it, but we will find out one way or the other. Then after Kakadu will be back to Katherine and do a right hand turn for WA, then take it from there.