Darwin and lonely.

Tuesday 5th July 2011, Darwin.

Two weeks into being alone, and another one to go. This time with Linda being away has been a little more lonely that usual, I guess mainly because we are in a completely unknown area. Not that I, we, haven’t got to meet plenty of people while here, but I find that I am parked in a spot in the park where not many people walk past so one doesn’t have people stopping on their way past to have a small chat, as was the case over the past few years on the Sunshine Coast. This could also be the reason that I have had nobody stopping in to enquire about assistance with TV reception problems, I do have signs in the laundries but nobody walks past to see my sign outside the van. I guess this has just emphasised an old philosophy of mine “There is only one thing worse than having nothing to do, and that is having nobody to do it with!