Darwin, water problems yet again.

Tuesday 14th June 2011, Darwin.

We were surprised today to find out the condition of the water we are using here. One would assume, as we did, that with all the rain they get in this district during the wet season that the water supplied by the city would be of almost perfect quality. While watering the lawn this morning the sprinkler was hardly spraying any water at all, and when Linda wanted to use the tap inside she got no output at all, so I started to think that there was a major reduction in the actual water pressure as there is always a lot of watering going on in the park. I then had the thought that my pressure limiter, this being ten odd years old, may actually be the culprit, so I pulled a hose connecter apart to take it out and to check it, and was sent reeling backward with the water pressure at that point, seeing that this was after the pressure limiter the only other thing that could be reducing the pressure was my filters. I had only provided the new filters the day we arrived here, so they can’t be to blame surely? I turned the water off and removed the filter cartridges and to my surprise they were completely full of dirt and one was completely blocked. This led me to question park management about whether they actually use bore water or not, I had noticed they do have a bore in the rear of the park, but they assure me that the bores are only used for irrigation and all water at sites is from the town supply. He also told me that the town water was actually made up of a mixture of dam and bore water anyway. This leaves my with a quandary of thought, I can not believe that a major populated area, let alone a capital city, would have such dirty water fed to its households, or was management being somewhat untruthful in what they told me? Either way I have never, in any part of Australia, experienced such dirty water, not even bore water in the outback.

The decision from this water dilemma is to go back to drinking water bought from shops, it is cheaper to do this than destroy a $50.00 water filter cartridge every three weeks or so, and not use the expensive filter in our water line, hence the tap water will only be used for all purposes other than drinking.

I did point out my experience with other close-by campers and they had a look at their respective filters only to be surprised to find their filters were in the same condition.