Darwin, internet problems answered.

Monday 6th June 2011, Darwin.

It’s amazing how some troublesome things just all of a sudden come to a trouble free happy ending. I have been having trouble with my mobile internet USB unit for quite some time now, cutting out when getting warm, and after some testing in other USB ports and even other laptops, I concluded that it was the actual unit itself, so being under warrantee I rang Telstra. After they did some tests, didn’t believe my results, they decided to replace the unit. At this stage all seemed to be going well, considering as usual one was talking to one of those oversees gentlemen with hardly understandable English, and considering I had to convince them to send the unit to where I am and not my home address. A full week later a package from Telstra turned up, yes a full week, and Express post and all, and it was the wrong unit. The one that turned up was a PC slot unit, similar to the one I had before and changed for that reason, not a USB unit that I now have. A phone call again, and some explanation to one of those oversees people again and all seemed would go OK. A full week later and no new unit, that was Friday last week, but after yet another lengthy phone call and explanation to an oversees person, whom was hard to understand, I was assured that the unit was despatched on Tuesday 31st May, only 4 days earlier. The only thing to do was to wait until today to see what eventuated, and would you believe there was a package for me from Telstra. Opening the package revealed that the unit was once again different than the one I had, even though a USB unit this time, and I had insisted that the unit must be the same as I am using an external aerial. A check on the unit with my patch cable revealed that the cable still fits, so I decided that they must have intentionally replaced with this unit so an installation test was done with it and all went smoothly according to the plan and is now working, so that is going to be the way it will remain. All I have to do now is wait a short while to see what turns up in the way of return postage bags so I can return both other units.