Friday 6th May 2011, Mataranka.

A must stopover if up this way is the Daly Waters pub, with camping in the paddock next door at a reasonable rate, and terrific meals and entertainment of an evening.

We have now moved on to Mataranka, about 100K South of Katherine which will be our next stop. We will be here for a few days depending on how much time we will spend in the Elsey National Park. There are thermal springs in the NP, which I believe may be closed at the moment, and there are several walks that we intend doing if they are not closed because of the massive rains they have had in the region lately. This is one thing we are going to have be prepared for from now on, attractions being closed because of the rain. Even though Mataranka is a reasonably small place, for the first time since Port Augusta we feel as though we are back in civilization and not in a remote area, although I don’t know that we have ever been anywhere more remote than we are now.