Friday 13th May 2011, Katherine.

I have been conversing via email with somebody from Caravan News, which I think is an online magazine of caravan news stories. I must admit I haven’t heard of this web site until now and after having a look at it I could well do the same more often in future. Anyway I received an email from them requesting a few details about myself and our travels, and about my helping others with TV reception so they can publish it in their next issue. I did respond so it will now be interesting to see what eventuates. This is the web site of the magazine by the way www.caravanningnews.com .

We had a bit of a maintenance day today, cleaning a few areas of the van that haven’t been done for a while, and repairs to our plate stand, crockery that is, it is only built from small pine timber so it has done a fairly good job lasting all this time. It is surprising how these maintenance jobs just pop up from nowhere, it started with the plate stand and a couple of loose bars, and before we knew it the day was over and heaps of little chores were done.