Ti Tree.

Friday 25th April 2011, Ti Tree.

There you go: We must be enjoying the new found tourist ideas again as it has been a fair while since putting fingers to keyboard. We were at Alice for 9 days and it only seems like yesterday we got there. We did have a good look around the East MacDonnell ranges and did several walks around the gorges, and loved the lot of it, especially one section of entry was 4 wheel drive high clearance vehicles only, so we got in a bit of decent bush bashing as well.

We have now moved on a couple of hundred K’s to a rest area just south of Ti Tree, a very small township on the highway. I say it is a very small township because it must be bigger than just a roadhouse due to it having mobile coverage. In fact we are camped just on the fringe of the mobile coverage, which is just enough to give me internet with the external aerial, but no phone calls because the phones won’t connect to the aerial.