Friday 1st April 2011, Pimba.

Surprise, surprise there is mobile coverage where we are now. We have now moved about 170K north to a small town called Pimba, on the Stuart highway at the junction to Woomera. I didn’t think to look at Telstra coverage maps before we left, but now have. What we are lacking at the moment is 240Volt power, as we are camped in a rest area, and are running on our 12volt system so power must be conserved.

We were once again so far gob-smacked with the scenery around the district as we cannot really remember what it was like when we came up here 8 years ago. After looking at some photos taken back then it seems, as I think of remembering, it had been wet that year and there was plenty of greenery around that year as well. I already get the impression we are going to enjoy this trip up the centre very much, considering we have done it before and have a little knowledge of what to expect.