Alice Springs, and mobile coverage again.

Wednesday 20th April 2011, Alice Springs.

Note that the past few reports on the blog were posted on the same day, today, as we have been out of mobile coverage, hence no internet, but they do have the written date on top anyway.

We are now in Alice Springs, civilization again, and will be here for a week or so, depends on what plans we make from here to Darwin.

I mentioned a while ago, or maybe I didn’t? that I had been approached by an ABC reporter from Alice Springs who was interested in an interview about our past travel experiences for the local Country Hour show, and I said I would contact her when we arrived in Alice. An hour or so after arriving in Alice I got a phone call from her wanting to know where we are, what timing, so we have arranged a time for tomorrow. This will be very interesting to see whether I freeze with a microphone in front of me or not, as I have never been one for public speaking. I am not over concerned though, as it is Linda that is panic stricken at the moment with severe stage fright.