Coober Pedy.

Friday 8th April 2011, Coober Pedy.

We now have some answers to the difference in scenery being a wet year. We went to the Breakaways today and as I have heaps of photos of that area I have something to compare with a the few photos I took today. When we were here in 2003 it was also supposed to be a wet year, but it obviously wasn’t anywhere near as wet as this year as is shown by the greenery on the ground. We thought that it took a lot away from the impact of the scenery when one comes up to the lookout, but after thinking about it the view was priceless anyway, it was just that we have seen it before. If it had been the first time for us, and not knowing the difference, it would have been gob-smacking anyway. It was a foreign tourist that made me aware of this as when I tried to explain it to him he replied with “It is our first time and it is very remarkable anyway