Peterborough in the cold.

Sunday 27th March 2011, Peterborough.

What is it with the weather of late? I know we are a little higher in altitude that we have been recently but not that high, just went and had a look at the GPS and we are actually nearly 600 meters up, but is that enough to make it about 4-5 degrees cooler than on the coast. It is 18 degrees at the moment, 1:30 pm, and we have actually had the heater going for the overnight 6-8’s. With the sun shining at the moment it doesn’t actually feel real bad, so Linda has ventured out in it for a walk, and after the V8’s are finished, and I have had some lunch, I will go for a walk to town and take some photos. As the park we are in at the moment is mainly used for overnight stoppers, it was interesting to see some travellers packing up for a move early this morning, in the cold, and obviously only bringing summer clothing with them, suffering the freezing cold in the process.