Monday 28th March 2011, Peterborough.

We went for a drive today to Orroroo, and on the way we went to Magnetic Hill. Magnetic hill is an attraction with a difference, where when one drives along this particular road, up this particular hill and reaches a particular spot, one has an optical illusion that the slope of the road is not as it actually is, and if one stops the car at the sign post, selects neutral and takes the foot off the brake the car appears to roll up the hill.

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, but had an argument with Linda because she thought the car was running up hill. When we went further up the hill to turn around and come back down I did notice that I then had the same optical illusion, so I came to the conclusion that the attraction should be approached from the north, Orroroo, not from the south, Peterborough. If going to Orroroo from Peterborough go to Magnetic hill from Orroroo down the back road. It goes to show that one should read sheets obtained from the info centre on these attractions, as it turned out that if we had followed the instruction sheet we were given we would have gone to Magnetic Hill in that direction, but the direction sheet didn’t have any indication that it included Magnetic hill until the directions got you there, and I had decided to go my way, wrong choice.

Orroroo is yet another nice little town much the same as all towns in this district, and we have had the thought that this could be a small town we would consider staying at on our return from WA, also considering the prices they charge.