Wednesday 2nd March 2011, Maryborough.

This whole area is famed for the gold rush days and all the towns in the area are an example of just that. We have not been around any other town yet, but a visit to the info centre today revealed this, and the fact that there seems very little else to see in the district but history of the gold rush days. We do intend touring some of the other town over the next few days to see the old buildings that are typical of these town that were built in the days when there was plenty of money around because of the gold. What else the other towns have to offer will be revealed, I guess, when we visit the respective info centres. I did have a walk around Maryborough today with my camera and took heaps of photos of the old building here, and one is going to have to be careful not to get bored with seeing too much of them over the next few days.