Gawler, after a bad night.

Sunday 20th March 2011, Gawler.

We both made a very big mistake yesterday and suffered the consequences all night. Next to our caravan is a garden bed in which we had noticed a heap of mushrooms growing, and after seeing others pick some and take home, and hear stories from others about how nice they are, we decided to pick some and have a feed for tea. I don’t know how they effected others, but they gave both of us a good flush out over night, and we couldn’t think of it being anything else but the mushrooms. Talking to another couple this morning, the story goes that they shouldn’t be eaten because they are sprayed with poisons, which leads me to the point that why aren’t we told they are sprayed. We are both over it now so if it is true that they are sprayed then it can’t be too toxic.

“Short break