Sunday 27th February 2011, Shepparton.

We have visited our friends at Tatura, and was nice to see them once again, could be the last time for a while. Plenty of playing with new phones has been the order whenever we, especially Linda, have had spare time. Linda seems happy with her new (new) phone now that she has it working, it seemed a bit doubtful at one stage, and I am just going to play with her old (new) one on the basis that if I find I can get some use from it I can put my SIM card in it and use it, that is when we have decent coverage. I have purchased a prepaid card to put in it just so it will show me signal strength, but I do not have any intention of using it for any other purpose. I am at present happy enough just using my old phone and will more than likely keep doing so while it keeps working.