Tuesday 2nd November 2010, Gundagai.

We have only gone as far as Gundagai, (see map) as Linda seems to think that 300K or more is too far to travel in one day. Another day of packing up in the rain today, or at least it rained all night and everything was saturated, but it didn’t actually rain while packing up, but it was a case of not stopping an extra night for fear of making a fool of myself. When we arrived here I had a go at the park manager about how I thought their prices were too expensive, so I wasn’t going back to suggest we wanted to stop an extra day. We only stopped at that park because if it rained the other one would be too muddy. Anyway the sun is shining at the moment and it is good to see it once again. We have booked into Albury for a week to take us up to the date we booked at Melbourne. It’s not a bad place to sit for a while as we both enjoy Albury, and it will be nice to just sit and relax for a week, before getting to Melbourne, to get over the constant travelling we have done for the past week or two, well it was constant for us.