Again wondering about shortage of words

Monday 22nd November 2010, Melbourne.

I am not sure if I have said this before, but I have a reason for doing so once again, It’s probably old age, not that I am losing my memory, rather than not knowing I’ve forgotten, if it is the case.

I am not sure how many people there are that regularly look at this web site for the purpose of reading these reports, I do know of several that avidly do, and there are a few that look at the TV info page, but I often wonder what those regular’s thoughts are when I leave it for in excess of a week or so between reports, giving the impression that we are doing absolutely nothing at all. I wonder this because of the amount of people nowadays that obviously pour their lives out onto sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and the like, and I have fazes of very little reporting, or none at all. I wonder sometimes why people seem to think that it is the ‘in’ thing to do nowadays, taking out time now and then during the day to sit down with their internet phones updating their private lives for the world to have access to, I also believe my kids do somehow fit into this category, but if this is not actually true feel free to set me straight. Let me mention that I have personally never visited the pre-mentioned sites and probably never will because I do consider that, from what I have heard of, that most of the content people do post on these sites is, for me, just too personal, and I would never consider doing the same. I also mention that because I never visit these sites I am only commenting on hearsay. I couldn’t imagine me stopping somewhere in the middle of the day and telling the world, an eg. “Just dropped wife off at the train station so she can visit some of the family