Lake Macquarie, Newcastle.

Monday 25t October 2010, Lake Macquarie.

We have now moved to Lake Macquarie, Swansea, South of Newcastle, (See map) and I have decided to do something that I have realised for a fair while now, not believe a NSW weather forecast again. After the rain yesterday it was forecast for a possible shower today, with the forecast being better for Newcastle area, but would you believe it rained almost all night. When it was time to climb out of bed it had actually stopped so we decided to pack up and move anyway. All was good until we started the trip and then it started to rain again, and it rained all the way to Lake Macquarie, I hate travelling in the rain when the van is on the back of the car, but now we have arrived and set up the sun has made an appearance and I hope it is for a fair while this time. It is possibly a pity we have decided to only stop for four days here because there seems to be miles of walking/bike riding tracks that we could have gotten a lot of use out of, but we do have a few days to use them as much as possible, Linda has already started by doing her usual thing and has walked back into town to have a little retail therapy at different shops just for a change.