Evans Head.

Sunday 3rd October 2010, Evans Head

Here we are rained in again, but totally this time as it is constantly raining heavy enough to prevent us going out for a walk in it, or doing anything else. There was a short break in the rain earlier on so I went for a stroll down to the beach to find out that the surfing comps being held here this weekend has obviously been called off because of the wet, a bit ironic seeing that they all get wet anyway. We have been put off by the weather a lot lately, although on most occasions earlier it only threatened to rain, but it was still enough to muck up any plans we may have had to do anything, and it seems by the forecast that it might have set in for quite a spell. It is just as well we are not in any real hurry because it does mean that if it is too wet to pack up we will just stay put for a while longer.