Bonny Hills.

Sunday 17th October 2010, Bonny Hills.

Bonny Hills you might ask, where is that. It is about 20K south of Port Macquarie, on the coast. (see map) We broke Linda’s golden rule today by travelling on a Sunday. I have had a look back and it is not very often at all that we have moved on a Sunday, the only few times were very early in the piece, so I reckon Linda decided after those few times, that Sunday was no longer going to be a travel, or pack up day. She has not complained too much about moving today so I guess she must realise that it is a once off situation.

I haven’t put any words down for a while because we got bogged down at Coffs Harbour with the wet weather, in fact that is why we travelled today instead of yesterday, because we had to stay an additional day due to it raining. We are hopeful of having some better weather while here so we might even get a chance to do some touristy things.