Bonny Hills, Rained in again.

Sunday 24th October 2010, Bonny Hills.

We are still at Bonny Hills as we are once again rained in. We were due to move yesterday but the forecast was for rain today so we booked in for an extra day. I was wondering this morning whether it was warranted staying the extra day as we would have had time to pack up and move before the rain set in, but as it turns out, as I sit here having a look at the weather radar on the net, if we had moved we would be stuck in the rain at Lake Macquarie trying to set up in it, so it is just as well we did stay. This way I am getting to watch the car racing on the Gold Coast, and the F1 that is just about to start. If we ever come back to this area I don’t think we will stay at this park again, it is far from the best FPA park we have stayed at for the price they charge, and after looking around the other day Laurieton area seems to be a better area to stop at in future. These are the things one has to put up with though when going to a district one has not been to before.