Lake Monduran.

Saturday 21st August 2010, Lake Monduran.

Elliot Heads was a nice enough small place, being close enough to Bundaberg to go shopping, close enough to Bargara to go visit Tony and Brenda, and the walking/riding track did get a fair bit of use. It was about 3K long which made it a reasonable walk, for me anyway, but was a little short for a bike ride, I believe one day they will extend it all the way to Bargara. The map (see map) of our trip today will show how Elliott Heads and Bargara are close to Bundaberg and east on the coast, north of Bargara is another small place called Burnett Heads where we are planning on moving to when we leave Lake Monduran.

Lake Monduran, yes we made a move of 90K today to the lake (see map) and will be here for a week. It is going to be a very quiet week here as about the only thing to do in this spot is to fish the lake, but me not being a fisherman doesn’t leave me with much else to do, which is the only way things should be. They tell me there is a good walk around the lake so I guess this will get a fair testing, by foot anyway as it certainly looks too hilly to venture with the bike.