Lake Monduran.

Wednesday 25th August 2010, Lake Monduran.

What a great place to just relax, there is a bit of walking to be done, get back to that, there are plenty of other travellers stop here, so plenty of company, and plenty of well kept grounds, green grass, hence plenty of bird life. It is unfortunate that the weather hasn’t been a little better, it has been overcast and a little rain, but we can’t complain too much can we. The walking track:- There is a 6K walking track from the camping area around to the boat ramps off to the side of the lake and we went for a walk on it on Monday. The track is rather strenuous being up and down rather steep hills and gives one the impression for a while that we were on the wrong track, seeming to go in the wrong direction, but it does wander away from the lake proper for a while to transverse around a small part of the lake, and we ended up walking about 2K to get 100 meters across the water. We didn’t get to the end of the track because we had in mind that we had to return from where we came so we had to reserve enough energy to do so. All in all it was good for exercise, and that leads to another disadvantage of the bad weather, we are very hesitant to do any more waking because of the possibility of getting caught in the rain.

We did a little sight-seeing yesterday, Linda wanted to go into Gin Gin to do a little shopping so we decided to go for a short drive along the Mount Perry road to see a Tunnel called Boolboonda tunnel. This is a tunnel originally built for a rail line to Mt. Perry which is no longer there, so it is now used for a road way and traffic actually drives through it. The tunnel is supposedly the longest unsupported man built tunnel in the southern hemisphere and was worth the drive.

Now it looks like a couple of days left to just take things extremely easy, but try to get in a little walking when possible.