Sunshine Coast, Still.

Sunday 20th June 2010.

I’ve had to learn not to complain so much about the prices of the caravan park here, current and in the future, because people are starting to ask why we are here then. We have decided that our budget will manage this years prices but not in the future.

A few things have happened since last report:- I haven’t been able to make any entries on the web site lately because of a problem with editing same, but that’s not really an excuse because it wasn’t down for that long. Linda hasn’t been too well the last week or so with a tummy bug she picked up somewhere, I am extremely fortunate it didn’t get me, but she is recovering well now. We have also been organising flights for Linda to go back to Melbourne again for another visit, and she will be going back after grand-daughter no 1, Elly, comes up here for a visit and accompanies her back home. For now though it is just sit back and enjoy the warm weather, between an occasional patch of rain once a week or so.