Sunshine Coast.

Wednesday 2nd June 2010, Sunshine Coast.

Again not much is different, or has happened, that is worthy of making a report, so this one is just because it has been so long. A lot of the regular southerners are now arriving, so we now have a lot more people to keep us occupied, not that we really need to be occupied. Even though a lot are turning up there are still a lot of empty sites in the caravan park that I can only put down to the price increases over the past few years, and people are now feeling the pinch coming up for winter and stopping for less time. I know there a lot of travellers like us that are considering the current prices, which are similar up most of the east coast, are too much and they just simply can’t afford to stay in parks that charge similar prices. In fact I have heard quite a few permanent travellers say that they will not travel to anywhere on the east coast because it is simply too expensive.

I was just sitting down pondering recently and just started to think about things that have happened in the past and how long ago it was, when a problem with time spans started to occur. We have now been on the road for our tenth year and when I look back at something that happened 20 years ago, for eg., there seems to be a problem relating to the fact that only half of that time was when I was back in my working days. It seems to me that the 10 years prior to leaving work actually took about 10 time longer to pass than the 10 years since leaving work, and this is where I am now have problems relating to things that happened way back when. I guess it must just go to show how much we are enjoying ourselves nowadays to make the time just disappear so quickly. Let’s hope the good times just keep on rollin’.