Toowoomba, Back in Queensland.

Tuesday 6th April 2010, Toowoomba.

We are now back in Queensland, and feeling the warmth, by moving to Toowoomba. (see map) We had only intended going as far as Warwick, but when we were almost there and saw how close Toowoomba was we decided to go all the way. We have been here before and only intend staying for two days, so there won’t be much touristy things done. We might have left Glen Innes just in time too, we didn’t want to stay any longer but when it started raining this morning, well drizzle anyway, I almost thought of staying another day. If we had have done that we could have been there for a while as the forecast for that area is not very good for a while now. It was a good decision as the sun is shining here in Toowoomba and it is a little warmer.