Saturday 10th April 2010, Maryborough.

We are now at Maryborough, almost on the coast north of the Sunshine Coast, and near Hervey Bay. (see map) We have decided to take up the invitation at Wallace Caravan Park to discuss TV reception problems in the district, so we will be here for a week before going to the Sunshine Coast to give Linda a few days there before she flies back to Melbourne for a couple of weeks. We have been through here before, a few years ago now but didn’t stay, so it will be the same as being at a new destination.

The big problem with TV here is that most of the digital channels are being transmitted in the VHF range at Vertical polarization. Prior to digital most of the analogue channels were UHF and Horizontal, and most people could pick up most channels with most aerials. Nowadays most new caravans are equipped with wind up Wineguard aerials with most people thinking they are the bee’s knees, but they won’t pick up the Vertical polarised channels here, hence basically no digital reception at all. I am not sure what I can actually achieve here apart from provide the park management with some information that he can pass on to those travellers. Anyway we will see what the weeks visit does achieve.

We only stayed the two nights at Nanango because several things went wrong that caused us to dislike the van park, so if we are back that way we will definitely be staying at the park across the road at almost half the price.