Wodonga, Rained in.

Monday 8th March 2010, Wodonga.

I have been telling everybody that I am glad that I left Melbourne when I did, but we were hit with heavy rain here as well. It was the hail that Melbourne had that I was fortunate to miss because I hate to think what it would do to the solar panels on the roof of the van, and the van and car. We have had heaps of rain, as did the entire state of Victoria, but not the floods as Melbourne had, and I have had to extend my stay here for a couple of days to give everything a chance to dry out. Not that I have had a problem with things getting wet, I have been ok inside the van and under the small roof I erected outside, but I just need to give the ground etc. a chance to dry a little. Linda sent me a message last night saying she was having trouble with water invading Matt and Lou’s house at several points, I will have to give her a ring later to find out how bad it was. This extra time here will give me a chance to do some washing, and Linda is due to meet up with me tomorrow so it will save her travelling any further.