Friday 26th March 2010, Scone.

We went to see something today that we never knew existed until we got to Scone the other day, ‘The Burning Mountain’. It was a worthwhile day as there was a lengthy walk up and down hills to get there, so we also got some good exercise that we really need. The Burning Mountain is exactly what it infers, a burning mountain, well it is in fact a coal seem well below the surface that is on fire. It was naturally lit and has been alight for about 6,000 years, and burns at the rate of about 1 meter per year. It is apparent where it has been burning as the temperatures produced along its path has effected the soil and vegetation growth from it. The latest area is conspicuous by the heat generated from the soils surface, and the vent where the fumes are seeping from. One can also see where the land is sinking along its path after the coal is burned and leaves a void under the surface.