Wellington, NSW.

Friday 12th March 2010, Wellington.

Cootamundra is another one of those towns that one could relax in for a while, but then there are quite a few of them in this area, we travelled through quite a few again today without even stopping. We keep saying it, but we would enjoy having quite some time in this area to just check out these small towns, but in saying that there are numerous areas the same throughout the country, so its no wonder that we think that we will never get to completely see all the districts in depth that we would like to. We have now moved on about 300K to Wellington (see map) to visit K and A and it was nice to catch up with them again, and it will be nice to just sit around here and veg. for as long as we can, even it can only be for a maximum of about 10 days or so. It has already proved well worth coming this far north as it is warmer already, as is proven by the fact that I am sitting here at 9:00 PM writing this and still have my shorts on, I haven’t been able to keep my shorts on of an evening for some time now.

Cootamundra, NSW.

Wednesday 10th March 2010, Cootamundra, NSW.

Another move after all the wet weather now sees me at Cootamundra (see map) North of Gundagai and Wagga Wagga. The main reason for stopping here is that it is the last train stop for Linda to embark from the train to Sydney that is in the area of our travel plans, she is on her way here very soon. The train turns south from Cootamundra on to Yass, which is back down on the Hume highway at the intersection to Canberra, and then follows the Hume to Sydney. Our travel plans are not too stringent so we are on our way to Wellington to visit K and A for a week or so, then I want to go to Port Stephens for a week and must get there before Easter, and high park prices. Then we will have a month to get to the Sunshine Coast so Linda can return to Melbourne for a short visit.

Wodonga, Rained in.

Monday 8th March 2010, Wodonga.

I have been telling everybody that I am glad that I left Melbourne when I did, but we were hit with heavy rain here as well. It was the hail that Melbourne had that I was fortunate to miss because I hate to think what it would do to the solar panels on the roof of the van, and the van and car. We have had heaps of rain, as did the entire state of Victoria, but not the floods as Melbourne had, and I have had to extend my stay here for a couple of days to give everything a chance to dry out. Not that I have had a problem with things getting wet, I have been ok inside the van and under the small roof I erected outside, but I just need to give the ground etc. a chance to dry a little. Linda sent me a message last night saying she was having trouble with water invading Matt and Lou’s house at several points, I will have to give her a ring later to find out how bad it was. This extra time here will give me a chance to do some washing, and Linda is due to meet up with me tomorrow so it will save her travelling any further.

Wodonga, on our way north again.

Thursday 4th March 2010, Wodonga.

Yeah, back on the road again, although it being without Linda. She had a late call for baby-sitting this weekend so I left her there in Melbourne and started to make my way north on my own and she will catch a train or something to meet up with me where ever I am. I got as far as Wodonga today, on the NSW border. I chose to stay somewhere different to where we normally stay in Albury just for something different, as I have had my eye on this, The Wodonga Caravan Park, for some time and never thought to check it out. We actually had some not so good reports about this park from a web site I found so I decided to find out for myself how good the park was, or not, as the reports on the web were a bit old. My impressions so far is that it is a little cramped but tidy, but the next few days will give me a better idea as it is forecast for rain and thunderstorms and that is the sort of thing that ultimately gives one a good or bad experience that influences ones ideas. I guess one is getting somewhat used to settling in one place for an extended time nowadays, as the trip today seemed a fair bit out of the ordinary as one is not used to it lately, but I’m sure it won’t take long to come back. It is going to be interesting over the next couple of years as to where we go because, while we were watching a TV show on the Nullarbor the other night, Linda was heard to say that she would like to go across there again. This threw me aback a little as I too have been having ideas that I would probably like to go to WA again one day, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see us try it again, at least this time we will be prepared for it.

Melbourne, and packing.

Monday 1st March 2010, Melbourne.

The time is very nearly here again to pack up and start our move north. I plan on leaving here on Thursday, but Linda has been called on to baby-sit and will be staying back for a few days. It wasn’t Narrelle that called on her services but Matthew and Lou, so it is now looking like she will come and meet me at Albury on Monday or so. The plan is to pack up the annexe tomorrow so we will have Wednesday to make sure all is roadworthy with the van, meaning the things that haven’t been checked during the problems we had recently on our journey down here, then on Thursday just casually head north and see where, being on my own, end up. I am looking at rest areas to possibly do a couple of nights camping out, but then we will see what happens.