Glen Innes

Tuesday 30th March 2010, Glen Innes.

We broke a few golden rules in our move today to Glen Innes (see map), north of Armidale on the New England Highway. Number one, we packed up and moved in the rain, and two, we travelled more than 300K in one move. The weather forecast dictated that we move in the rain or possibly stay in Scone for another few days or so until it cleared up, and we weren’t going to do that as we were not very happy with the caravan park we were staying at, and we are running short of time to get to the Sunshine Coast. As a result I got drenched packing up this morning, and I saved on washing all the dust off the car as it was cleaned by the rain during the trip. It did clear up after about half way through the trip and has stayed dry since giving us a chance to setup in the dry, but the forecast for the next week is not good. We have been looking forward to returning to Glen Innes for some time now and if it does rain for the duration of this visit we are not going to see all that is here, but that won’t matter as we once again suggested that we must come back this way again some time as there are a few quite nice looking towns in this district we would like to visit sometime.