Cootamundra, NSW.

Wednesday 10th March 2010, Cootamundra, NSW.

Another move after all the wet weather now sees me at Cootamundra (see map) North of Gundagai and Wagga Wagga. The main reason for stopping here is that it is the last train stop for Linda to embark from the train to Sydney that is in the area of our travel plans, she is on her way here very soon. The train turns south from Cootamundra on to Yass, which is back down on the Hume highway at the intersection to Canberra, and then follows the Hume to Sydney. Our travel plans are not too stringent so we are on our way to Wellington to visit K and A for a week or so, then I want to go to Port Stephens for a week and must get there before Easter, and high park prices. Then we will have a month to get to the Sunshine Coast so Linda can return to Melbourne for a short visit.