Off the smokes again.

Wednesday 13th January 2010.

I have taken the plunge once again, and hopefully it will be permanent this time, yes I have stored the pipe away and have filed the few packs of tobacco I have in the cupboard until I decide what to do with them. Most people would say the best thing to do is to throw them out but I keep thinking of the cost of it and would like to think that someone, perhaps needy, may get some good use from it one day, and I reckon that if I can give it up with all the required equipment still stored in the cupboard I would give myself a better chance. I am now on day 4 and going well, and now wish that I hadn’t started again when I went without in WA in 2008. We have just had another few days staying at Nelle and Matt’s baby-sitting as Narrelle had to go to Sydney for a few days and Matt is working, Linda may get a few more days in soon as Matt is to have several trips to Perth WA for work and she would love the chance to keep Nelle company. I am having trouble with the battery charger in the van at the moment, well the old one anyway as it stopped working, so I am in the process of getting a new one. I can’t believe the problems I had getting a charger to do the job I wanted it to. The one I had was good as it was a switch mode type, automatic, sat across the battery permanently, whenever something was turned on the charger took the load and just kept the battery topped up. When the battery was down the charger would provide an actual 10 Amp charge so it didn’t take long to top it up again. They don’t seem to make Switch mode type that simple any more as technology has taken battery chargers to a complete new level. They all seem to have four to seven odd charging phases to ensure the battery is topped up fully, and there seems to be this thing called ‘Pulse Charge’ that they are all into, which is to supposedly disulphate older batteries. I am rather sceptical about running a charger on my battery full time putting out a pulsating DC current continuously as I don’t like the idea of what it might do to any appliance I might connect to it, so I refused to buy one that had Pulse Charge. One other thing I didn’t like about most of them is that one of the charging Phases charged the battery up to something like 15.2 volts, and even 16 volts, and no way are my batteries getting a charge like that. I ended up getting a plain old straight forward transformer type charger with an automatic cut-out and cut-in for maintaining the battery and it should do what I want it to. It seems nowadays most chargers are built to connect to a flat battery to charge it and hold it charged until required for use, and not for the purpose I would like to put it to, unless one wanted to pay an astronomical price for a ‘Switch Mode’ one that does do what I would require.