Epping-House sitting.

Tuesday 29th December 2009, Epping.

Epping you might say? No we haven’t made another move, we are house-sitting for Narrelle and Matt while they are away on a few days holiday. It is a very welcome change to be living in a house again, with a garage to work in, so we are enjoying it while it lasts. I have been taking advantage of having the garage, shed, to undertake some rearrangements to the 12volt wiring in the back of the car for carrying the extra fridge, and I have to work out a slightly new packing arrangement for the back of the car as a result of same. I was going to install a battery charger in the car the same as I have in the caravan so I would only have to use the 12volt for the fridges and it would keep the battery at a full charge as well, but, they don’t seem to build a simple switch mode charger any more the same as the other one, they all have a processor controlled multiple function, or mode, charging system that seems too complicated. The other problem is that they all seem to adopt a pulse charge system, to rejuvenate older batteries, that I am not too happy with as I am not sure what the pulsating DC will do to any device I connect to the supply with the charger connected, so the final decision was to just keep the system I have had all along and be happy with it. Well Christmas is over and it is very close to being a new year, we don’t have any plans, as yet, for new years eve, but I’m sure something will come up.