Epping-House sitting.

Tuesday 29th December 2009, Epping.

Epping you might say? No we haven’t made another move, we are house-sitting for Narrelle and Matt while they are away on a few days holiday. It is a very welcome change to be living in a house again, with a garage to work in, so we are enjoying it while it lasts. I have been taking advantage of having the garage, shed, to undertake some rearrangements to the 12volt wiring in the back of the car for carrying the extra fridge, and I have to work out a slightly new packing arrangement for the back of the car as a result of same. I was going to install a battery charger in the car the same as I have in the caravan so I would only have to use the 12volt for the fridges and it would keep the battery at a full charge as well, but, they don’t seem to build a simple switch mode charger any more the same as the other one, they all have a processor controlled multiple function, or mode, charging system that seems too complicated. The other problem is that they all seem to adopt a pulse charge system, to rejuvenate older batteries, that I am not too happy with as I am not sure what the pulsating DC will do to any device I connect to the supply with the charger connected, so the final decision was to just keep the system I have had all along and be happy with it. Well Christmas is over and it is very close to being a new year, we don’t have any plans, as yet, for new years eve, but I’m sure something will come up.


Wednesday 23rd December 2009, Melbourne.

About time to tell what has been happening over the past couple of weeks. As one can imagine our time has been fully occupied with the things that would normally happen at this time of year:- visiting family, Linda filling in time baby-sitting and doing all her Xmas shopping, in fact she is on her final day of shopping today with a venture into the city on the train. I have as usual on our annual visit to Melbourne being rearranging the storage area in the back of ‘Tilly the Truck’ to make things easier for our next year of travelling, things can always be improved. We are still thinking of having a relaxed year again next year with another extended stay on the Sunshine Coast till, hopefully, the financial situation improves a little, but having said that things do change. We are looking forward to a very quiet Xmas on our own this year for the first time that we can remember, as Matt, Lou and family have gone to Tassie to be with Lou’s mum and family, and Narrelle and matt having Matt’s parents down from Albury so we thought we would let them have a dedicated get together with his family. We intend visiting them late afternoon on Xmas day though so we don’t miss out on family all together. So soon all the pre season rush will be over and we can get back to a normal lifestyle once again, but I guess we are not the only ones in that situation.


Tuesday 8th December

One thing I didn’t mention on the last post was that we had our family reunion at Geelong on Sunday the 29th November and it was a well spent day catching up with family members I haven’t seen for quite some time. The reason for the reunion was that it was a year of multiple memorable family birthdays, my 60th, Dorothy’s 70th and Annette’ 50th, a good enough reason for a get together. We are now feeling a lot more comfortable after our move into Craigieburn, even though it is cold, wet and a bit miserable at the moment, as we are closer to the kids and can visit a lot more often. We had an outing planned tonight with Matt’s kids in a school end of year concert, but with the weather as it is it has been postponed until Monday, but we will still go over and visit anyway.

Craigieburn, (Melbourne).

Thursday 3rd December 2009, Craigieburn (Melbourne).

Well here we were thinking that we had settled in at Kilmore for the duration of the Christmas period, and we have now moved into Craigieburn, North of Melbourne on the old Hume Highway. (see map) We weren’t extremely happy with Kilmore this year for several reasons, the site we were put on had no concrete slab and when it rained, and it poured one day, the ground under the annexe filled with water with there being a basic dip in the level of the ground. We had to go out and buy some foam square clip together mats to lift our matting above the water, but still the end result, because it was always damp, was to create a very musky smell in the annexe especially when it was closed up for any period. We also decided that we weren’t really saving anything by staying there with all the trips we were having into Melbourne, especially when we found out that Apollo Gardens in Craigieburn, where we usually stay when in Melbourne, once again has a deal for long term residents, so the decision was made to move here and after partly setting up we almost feel like being at home again. The move has proved fruitful already as Linda packed up and went to Port Melbourne, not long after we got here, to baby sit for Matt and Lou, and Narrelle rang earlier to ask me round for tea. Seeing we are now much closer to Narrelle’s the reply wasn’t very hard to consider.