Monday 9th November 2009, Leeton.

We are now at Leeton (see map) further south along the Newel Highway, but with a slight detour off the highway half way between Narrandera and Griffith. We have been through this town before and is one of the many over the years that we have said we must come back for a stay sometime, so here we are. Will be here for three or four days , depending on some maintenance on the van. I am not completely happy with the new brake repairs done at St George, with one wheel running a little hotter than the other, and it so happens it is the same one that gave us trouble. I suspect the handbrake cable could be a little tight and when we have been going over the many bumps on the roads out this way I suspect the cable might be tightening and slightly applying the brakes, I had noticed that since the repairs the cable was a little tighter than before, so it will be loosened somewhat. While I have it jacked up and the wheel off, the brake adjustment should be checked also, and make sure both brakes are actually working, I had once noticed the wiring joint by one of the wheels was not excellent so this will be checked. We are once again sitting inside with the air running as the temperatures are once again in the mid 30’s, the air has had a fair bit of running lately, we are wondering what we ever did without it.