Thursday 26th November 2009, Kilmore.

We are experiencing the hassles of getting a caravan site without a concrete slab, as is the case here due to not having much of a choice when we arrived. Typical Victorian weather has so far thrown everything at us and on two occasions so far we have had a downpour that heavy we have had pools of water outside the door of the van. We suffered the first time, but went out and bought some thick foam square matting that all clip together to make a large flooring, and this made us a little more prepared for what was thrown at us today. Today was a new experience with rain though: We were actually on the road coming home when the downpour occurred and when we got home we found the water had actually come in the partially opened windows and drowned the seats, we have never experienced this yet, the wind must have been that strong the rain must have been coming down horizontally.

Anyway for more cheery things: My 60th birthday, yesterday, celebrations are now over, just having a small one with some of the family, so now it is time to try to settle down to somewhat of a normal routine, if that is possible nearing Christmas and all, and having the family close by.