Monday 2nd November 2009, Forbes.

As much as we liked Warren as a nice tidy little town, not much to do there so three days was enough, I am still a bit peeved with the fact that the park owners put us on the site they did and I spent so much time every day cleaning the bird droppings off the caravan. This was a big deterrent from enjoying our time there, they did have a bar-b-que on Saturday night which was a welcome change, we haven’t stayed at a park that does that for a while. We have now moved to Forbes about 230K south along the Newel Highway (see map), and plan on being here for a week. We have tried a different park than we stayed at last time here and it does seem ok, although the high 30’s temperatures takes a little away from anything, and it is in the midst of an industrial area so it may get a little noisy during the day, but I’m sure that won’t be too hard to take.