St George.

Saturday 3rd October 2009, St George.

Another move now sees us at St George (see map) 300 Kilometres from Dalby to the west. This trip today was the longest we have done for a fair while, so after setting up when arriving we are a little ‘Buggered’ right now, and the roads didn’t help any. We had forgotten what outback Queensland roads were like, even though they look well sealed they are like travelling on a roller-coaster, Linda made mention that it was like being at sea on a boat. It got that bad at one stage we had to slow down to about 70K/H to prevent everything in the van getting shaken up. As it was we had to stop a couple of times to rearrange a few things because of the shaking up. For the first time in our travels our crockery bounced out of the cradle we have them stored in, and I thought we had travelled some rough roads in the past, but that has never happened before. We also actually had a stubby of bear, for cooking purposes only for those who realise we don’t partake in beer drinking in this household, that forced the top off after being shaken up, and Linda wasn’t very happy at all about cleaning that up. We have been here at St George before, so again we can look forward to a relaxing week while here, the caravan park we are staying in could be a good start to helping with the relaxation. The satellite TV also comes in handy here because on it we receive exactly the same as what is transmitted terrestrially, only the quality is a lot better, but knowing my habits I had to tune in terrestrial reception anyway to compare.