Lightning Ridge.

Saturday 17th October 2009, Lightning Ridge.

A bit on Lightning Ridge: We were told that it was a lot like Coober Pedy, but we don’t have that impression at all, it is a bit more like Andamooka, a small town near Roby Downs south of Coober Pedy. In Coober Pedy a lot of the houses are actually built under ground, but here that is not the case, well as far as we can see so far, probably because of the different soil, here it is more gravel. We will be having a few self drive tours around the area over the next few days so we may find out otherwise but I doubt it. All settled in here now, it did take us a while as the ground is all gravel with large stone within, and it made it impossible to drive pegs into. I adopted the idea I have had for a while now, but as the situation doesn’t arise very often I have left it until now. I went out and bought an impact drill and a masonry bit to drill holes into the gravel so the pegs will drive in a lot easier, we have had to do this in the past but Adrian was with us and he had a drill for the job. I may have upset Linda though, as she said she was thinking of buying me one of these drills for Xmas, now I guess she will have to think of something else, I do have some ideas for her. Seeing I now have the drill, and it was so windy yesterday, I decided to fully install the annexe for the first time since the Sunshine Coast and it does now feel a lot more like home.