Lightning Ridge, Door tours.

Monday 19th October 2009, Lightning Ridge.

We had a look around the area today on what was a novel way of having local tourist drives. There are four drive yourself tours around the town and surrounding areas called self drive Door tours, each having a different colour. Each scenic point on the tours is sign posted with an old car door, painted the appropriate colour with a number for identification. Like I said: quite a novel idea, and gives a use for all those old car doors. We only did two tours today and will do the others tomorrow, but these two have already given us a very good idea of what has happened in the way of mining over the years, and more to the point what is still happening. Quite a lot of miners still live in small shanties on their mine site, and after reading a sign explaining how much money has come out of the ground around here Linda wonders why they still live this way. It was my guess that the big mining companies are the ones that have made the money, and those small miners are the ones still battling.