Thursday 1st October 2009, Dalby.

Here it is Thursday already. We had never intended to do much while here at Dalby, and we have done just that, so where has the time gone. It is pack up day tomorrow for our next move. The nights here have been a little hard to take, dropping to 2 and 3° since leaving the Sunshine Coast so the heater has had to come back out of the car. It seems as though it is going to warm up from now on so it may be the last of cool nights hopefully. For those fellow caravanners who follow this web site I am thinking of starting up another page called ‘Caravanning hints’, or similar, giving some hints I have learned over the years, for eg several methods of controlling ant invasions, Linda found a recipe for a formula similar to Ant Rid that actually works on most ants, so keep your eye out for that one.