Esk After the dust storm.

Thursday 24th September 2009, Esk.

As most would know from news reports we experienced a very bad dust storm here yesterday, well it wasn’t just here it was all up the east coast from Sydney area to most of the Queensland coast. Supposed to be the worst since 1970 or so it didn’t seem to be as bad here as reported to be in Sydney and on the Gold Coast, but it was bad enough to reduce visibility quite substantially. We planned to meet up with friends Kay and Adrian, and Les and Jan while we were all in the area, and arranged to meet at the Wivenhoe dam picnic area for a get-together picnic and the visibility was that close that we couldn’t see the water in the lake from the picnic area which is on the edge of the lake. Everyone in the area is busy this morning cleaning up the dust as it settled absolutely everywhere, we made the mistake of leaving all the windows open while we were away so there is no need to explain how much cleaning we had to do when we returned. It was nice catching up with the others again as this will be the last time we get to see them for a while, especially Les and Jan as they have now permanently settled in Nanango near Kingaroy because they realise their travel days have just about come to an end. Kay and Adrian are planning a trip to Victoria this summer so we might just catch up with them while there. After filling in the week so far quite well we now have a couple of days to relax before we make our next move to Dalby, we look like having to leave reasonably early on Saturday as Linda has indicated that she would like to watch the AFL grand final so we will have to be set up before it starts.