Sunshine Coast.

Sunday 5th July 2009.

We had a trip to Ipswich today for several reasons:- We have been on the Sunshine Coast now for something like 9 weeks and the car has only been on short trips around this area so I decided that it needed a bit of a run. Kay and Adrian, our travel friends, are still in Ipswich doing repairs to the van and Linda wanted to visit them before her trip to Melbourne, yes it is time for her to go visit the grand-kids again in a week or so. Linda also thought that I needed a day off as I have been flat out fixing TV problems lately, just demonstrates the difficulties here this year, and would you believe that as I was readying the car for the trip this morning I even had more enquiries about repairs, so they will have to wait till tomorrow. It was nice to see K and A again, although it has only been a few months, and they appreciated it as well because they are pinned down again doing repairs to the caravan and haven’t been able to move for quite a while. With the repairs they made to the car, and the van, they are quite looking forward to more travels soon, and hopefully trouble free considering everything should now be like new. So I guess it is now a nights rest and then back to TV reception problems once more.