Nombour after being evacuated.

Saturday 23rd May 2007, Nambour.

Things have changed a fair bit since yesterday with a day of excitement happening today. It started last night with the park management coming around and advising people that the weather was about to cut up rather rough and was expected here at about 4:00 AM with strong winds and large sees. It was apparently expected that the sees might break into the caravan park so the sites closer to the see from us were advised to vacate for a few days. I accessed the weather reports on the internet and they advised that there would be 100km winds but not due till later today so I was not worried at that stage that our setup would have any hassles handling what was to come. Then this morning the SES were roaming the park telling us that we must evacuate the park and be gone by midday as they are now expecting the rough sees and wind to coincide with a very high King tide at about 7:00 PM and were expecting the caravan park to flood. Much to our disappointment we commenced to pack up for a move to Nambour show ground, being the recommended shelter area, and after getting here we are now seeing it as another adventure as all in the park were effected and are mostly here crammed into an area together for the next few days. All it means is that, apart from things just being thrown in this morning, it is no different than us making a normal move, so in a couple of days when all is given the OK it will just mean moving back and setting up again. If nothing else this incident has bought a lot of us from the park a lot closer together, literally.