Sunshine Coast.

Monday 27th April 2009, Sunshine Coast.

After being here for three days we are almost settled in. Now we are in an area that doesn’t have water restrictions we have taken the opportunity to do a bit of washing, and the annexe walls badly needed a good wash and they have been done, but that was after the van got its first wetting by hose for at least 18 months. Those that aren’t aware of the shortage of water in a vast amount of areas around Australia may get a bit of an idea now by our lack of washing, believe me it is not because we are lazy. We still have some to go though, as Linda intends doing the inside van walls, and I have the car to do, and it will get the best all-over wash it has ever had. I also have a couple of ideas I want to try with the annexe setup so we will be busy in setup mode for a few days yet. With all this work Linda has still found time to go for her retail therapy, and we have both found time for the compulsory walks on the beach.