Gilgandra for a stopover only.

Saturday 4th April 2009, Gilgandra.

We are now at Gilgandra, about 200k further north, and about halfway to Gunnedah being our next stop (see map). We have been to Gilgandra before and after getting here we were reminded that the town didn’t do much for us last time we were here, so Linda has made the decision that she doesn’t want to come back here again. There are ants everywhere in the caravan park and the idea of them getting in the van irks Linda no end, so I reckon this is a big influence on her decision.

Orange, we summed up be saying, was a rather strange place, nice enough city but just seemed to be too frantically busy for a city of its size, Linda had all sorts of trouble battling her way through the traffic every time she went into town for a walk, and I even found the traffic a little hectic driving. It seems to be a city that has a big thing with round-abouts, and some of them just don’t work very well at all, and the intersections with traffic lights are just so painfully slow. As already said we also arrived there at the wrong time of year, being at a high altitude it was starting to get rather cool of an evening, and the scenic routes seem to have passed their tourist season and therefore nobody seemed to want to freely give information about same.