Orange, in the cool weather.

Tuesday 31st March 2009, Orange.

I have been in the habit of not writing reports lately hence I don’t often think about it any more, so I have to give myself a reminder occasionally. The story of the broken chair has been finalised with B.C.F. in Bathurst getting back to me yesterday saying they would replace it, so another trip there for me yesterday now sees me with a new chair. I wonder how many people have the typical problem as I could foresee with similar warrantee claims :- The receipt I had kept for the chairs was printed on that light sensitive paper that inevitably fades after a while, and after the eight months since we bought the chairs our receipt had almost faded to the point of not being able to read it, I forgot to photo-copy it when new, but it was adequate for this instance. The warrantee on the chairs is for five years, so how many people would have a receipt that was legible after that time, considering those chairs seem to have a reputation for breaking the arms and the retailers want the original receipt for replacements. We are convinced that we have left it for the wrong time of year to visit Orange as earlier in summer would obviously be better. We went to the Botanic Gardens yesterday and were disappointed to the extent that we missed the gardens when they would be in full flower, and this would have made them much better, but they were still worth it. We also went up to Mt Canobolas today and it is also apparent up there that the tourist season is over with camp grounds closed. The weather has turned a little nasty today and looks as though it has set in for a while, so the scenery up the mountain was disrupted somewhat with the cloudy skies, and with Orange itself being 900 metres above see level it can get quite cool when the sun is not shining, hence it was quite cold up the mountain.