Kilmore, The Fire aftermath

Wednesday 11th February 2009, Kilmore.

Because we are in close proximity to the recent tragic bushfires in Victoria I had the idea today of gathering details and some facts and making some sort of report on the fire from our perspective, but have now had a complete change of heart. Linda and I have seen a little of the devastation when we went to Wandong/ Heathcote Junction to see the damage to Narrelle and Matt’s block, and believe me it is heart wrenching, but we have no intention of going anywhere near the major trouble spots, the workers and residents will have enough to contend with without people such as us possibly getting in the way. I now figure that most people would have seen a lot on TV news and I would not be able to compile anything like what they have, so the decision has been made to leave well enough alone. I do ask though that everybody give their thoughts and well wishes for those that have suffered in this ordeal.